As a new business owner and developer of a new product
in the meat industry, it was necessary to surround myself
with the best people I could find to help market my
product.  Luckily I discovered the marketing and design
work of Bob Lynch. Bobs talent reaches far beyond just
marketing and design work. His ability to create ideas by
looking at things in 3 dimension makes him the best in
the business. His prompt attention to the customers
needs and his personality, makes working with Bob a
comfortable experience. Bob is a friend as well, and I
would highly recommend him as a partner in your
business's growth plans.

Bart Shortall
Chesapeake Bay Bratwurst
The Guy Flat out Rules! Absolutely the guy to call if you
need somebody to read your mind and do more then you
originally had planned for.

Troy Knoll
Team Overkill